Learn horse acupuncture and laser therapy on horses

Peter Rosin, Anja Füchtenbusch

Acupuncture and laser therapy on horses

Learning and working app for needle and laser acupuncture

Price: 78 € (incl. VAT)


You would like to perform good acupuncture treatments on your horse? You would like to work with needles and/or an acupuncture laser? With this APP you will learn the basics, the techniques, the reliable detection of acupuncture points and the treatment of over 50 of the most common horse diseases.

This App comprises three modules: BASICS - LEARN - WORK.
Thus you can learn the basics of horse acupuncture (BASICS), the system of meridians on horses (LEARN) and directly implement over 50 therapy instructions (WORK).

The modules in detail:

BASICS: Basics of horse acupuncture with needle or laser

No matter if you work with needle or laser: The basics of horse acupuncture are identical. All laser therapists will also learn how to use laser therapy effectively and safely on horses.

LEARN: How do you find the acupuncture points on the horse quickly and safely?

This module shows you all meridians in the horse in overviews and for each of the 12 different meridians in all views. Video demos help you to find the most important diagnostic and therapeutic points quickly and reliably.

WORK: How to treat the most common horse diseases with acupuncture

This module includes over 50 instructions on acupuncture and laser therapy for the most common indications such as back pain, hip ailments, kissing spines, spat, tendinitis, laminitis, hoof roll diseases, COB, bronchitis, acute and chronic gastrointestinal diseases, liver, bladder and kidney diseases, effusions and vascular inflammations, skin diseases, infections, equine herpes virus, mental disorders, etc...

  • All meridians of the horse in all views
  • More than 100 videos on the localisation of the most important acupuncture points
  • Detailed instructions for the treatment of over 50 diseases
  • Instructions for dosing with acupuncture lasers
  • Tips for additional measures for over 50 diseases
  • Backgrounds of the most important diseases in horses

You can download the app free of charge and test it for two weeks.

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