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Laser Acupuncture and Innovative Laser Medicine – Medicine without any matter in the traditional meaning? Merely implementing laser light, therefore without any adverse effects of pharmaceuticals – what a splendid enhancement of the medical potentials!Even better, the highly effective laser acupuncture is completely free of pain and preferred to traditional acupuncture with needles by many patients.

The scientific fundamentals for laser acupuncture, laser stimulation therapy and further innovative laser applications as well as all information for the practical usage are displayed in this standard work by text and numerous informative photos and graphics.

This book subdivides into three parts.

Part I: Scientific fundamentals of modern laser acupuncture and innovative laser medicine by Gerhard Litscher, professor at the Medical University of Graz, decorated i.a. by numerous appointments to visiting and honorary professorships in China. In this chapter you will find – backed by own research and meta research on more than 700 high-classed studies – the technical aspects as well as the recent scientific state of laser treatment of a variety of disorders up to important future topics like Alzheimer's disease, dementia and stroke. This part was co-authored by Daniela Litscher, MSc PhD from the Medical University of Graz.

Part II: Practice of modern laser acupuncture by Frank Bahr, honorary professor of the Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing and professor of the biggest TCM-university of China in Nanjing.You will learn everything about successful treatment in practice, structured to disease patterns. Very impressive in text and images you will learn which therapeutic method related to which disorder is used and how it is applied.

Part III: Practice of modern laser treatment – this part deals with new methods of complementary medicine: The usage of intravenous and photodynamic laser therapy is introduced by Michal Weber MD, one of the founders of modern laser therapy.

Extra part: In the appendix of the book all necessary meridian points are illustrated by photos with the points directly pasted onto the body. Anatomic graphics help you to find the correct points.A part about frequencies and devices informs you about the current state of the art.

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