The wonderful story of a horse

The 18-year-old Haflinger stallion is completely paralyzed on the left side after a stroke, the left eye is blind. The clinic recommends euthanasia.

Therapy in the Horse Rehabilitation Center Matthias Spitznagel (Hofgut Mahlspüren, Germany)

  • In addition to drug treatment laser therapy 3x daily with Nogier frequencies.
  • After 2 days punctual VAS-controlled treatment of the skull, the sternum and the ISG with a special laser nerve program (COLLL-programm NERV), 3 minutes and 2x daily each.
  • After 14 days the stallion could stand alone again, lay down and get up. Now additionally osteopathy and physiotherapy.

In the morning and evening special Nogier frequencies in alternation, from the ISG beginning to the skull. Mobility and stability recover, as does coordination.
After 3 weeks moderate movement at the hand. The blind eye is visibly recovering.
After the 6th week once daily laser with Nogier frequencies (Nogier D and G).
Slow build-up in the aqua trainer. After 6 months complete stability and load of all limbs again, head posture normal. All three gaits restored! Function of the left eye: approx. 80% restored!

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