Dental medicine 4.0 – the new book on laser phototherapy (photobiomodulation) in dental medicine

Available from November 2018: The new book by Prof. Jan Tunér and Prof. Tilman Fritsch on laser photo therapy in dentistry.

The book is an invitation to all dentists to recognize the revolutionary and diverse potential that LFT holds for their specialty: LFT can regenerate lost gums by re-differentiating the mesenchymal stem cells from blood clots from the interpapillary regions into gingival stem cells. It stimulates bone regeneration, stimulates secondary dentin formation and is invaluable in all procedures of oral and maxillofacial surgery. It promotes healing of ulcerative gingivitis and can prevent oral mucositis. As a so-called photoceutical, LFT is often a side-effect-free alternative to steroids (e.g. pemphigoid), MTH (for pulpotomy) and anaesthetics and pain killers. In addition, the LFT offers effective therapy options for which there are hardly any alternatives, such as trismus and xerostomia, zoster, trigeminal neuralgia, TMD or sinusitis, etc...

The book is a practice book with concrete recommendations to techniques and dosage for each indication and appears in the languages German and English.

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