Jan Tunér, Tilman Fritsch

Laser Phototherapy in Dentistry

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The use of Laser Phototherapy in dentistry is about much more than treating an aphtha here and a herpes blister there. This new book by Jan Tunér is an invitation to all dentists to discover the multifaceted potential of LaserPhotoTherapy: LaserPhotoPherapy can regenerate lost tissue by differentiating mesenchymal stem cells to form new interpapillary areas and secondary dentin. It stimulates bone regeneration and is useful in all procedures of oral and maxillofacial surgery through its antiinflammatory- and pain-reducing effects. It promotes the healing of ulcerative gingivits and can prevent oral mucositis. As a so-called photoceutical, this treatment modality is often a side-effect-free alternative for steroids and NSAIDs. In addition, it offers effective therapy options for which there are limited alternatives such as trismus, xerostomia, zoster, trigeminal neuralgia, TMD and sinusitis. Last but not least, the laser dentist always has a good friend at hand for himself (carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, shoulder tendinitis, etc.). LaserPhotoTherapy is easy to use and in many cases it can be delegated to the dental assistant.

Please also see the video tutorial Laser Phototherapy in Dentistry by Jan Tunér and Tilman Fritsch with 11 lessons on the basics, application techniques and indications of dental photobiomodulation in dentistry.

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